Karel Introduces High-Performance GPS/INS System

March 9, 2015  - By
The VIA-100G GPS/IMU by Karel Electronics.

The VIA-100G GPS/IMU by Karel Electronics. Photo: Karel Electronics

The VIA-100G, an integrated GPS and MEMS-IMU (inertial measurement system), has been added to the ViaNav inertial navigation system family produced by Karel Electronics Corporation.

Featuring a high-accuracy fusion filter running on an embedded processor, the VIA-100G provides all the functions of a vertical reference unit (VRU), an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) and integrated GPS/IMU system. The system contains GPS, 3D gyroscopes, 3D accelerometers, a magnetometer, a static pressure sensor and temperature sensors in a compact and rugged enclosure. The embedded processor provides driftless and real-time navigation information over a wide range of temperature in dynamic and static conditions, Karel said.

The sensors are integrated with a highly accurate fusion filter. A Kalman filter running on an embedded processor fuses data from the IMU, GPS, magnetometer, altimeter and barometer in an optimal manner to output highly accurate navigation solutions. VIA-100G outputs high-frequency position, velocity and attitude information in addition to calibrated 3D acceleration, rotation, magnetometer and pressure data.

The ViaNav product family includes other navigation products designed to be used in stability, guidance, control and navigation applications in industry. The VIA-100 line includes:

  • VIA-100I, is an inertial measurement unit with 3D accelerometers and 3D gyroscopes.
  • VIA-100A, is a 3 DOF AHRS that provides driftless real-time orientation information over the full 360 degrees of angular motion on all three axes. It includes 3D accelerometers, 3D gyroscopes and 3D magnetometers.
  • VIA-100A+, is a 3 DOF AHRS that provides driftless real-time orientation information. It includes a multi-IMU configuration and employs an optimum filter to lower IMU noise level. It provides 3D orientation with improved accuracy and reliability.

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5 Comments on "Karel Introduces High-Performance GPS/INS System"

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  1. Marty McFly says:

    It says “High Performance” but I couldn’t see any performance value especially for dynamic conditions. In addition, is there any third party H/W or S/W modules in this product?

    • Dear Marty,

      -Performance values and all the other information are on the website
      – This product family does not contain any third party H/W or S/W

      If you have further questions I will be glad to reply.


      • Ö. Atesoglu says:

        Congratulations Burak!

        My question is actually regarding on an extensional capability.

        Have you or your company ever thought on some possible S/W and H/W add-ons to customize the current product and use it in guidance and steering of autonomous unmanned systems ?

        Thanks in advance.

  2. Thank you.

    Our product family has capability to support miscellaneous output data and various initialization and operation modes, some of which are suitable for air and land autonomous vehicles. The systems, especially VIA-100G, provide the all necessary data for guidance and control purposes.

    The products are ready to be used in real time applications and shipped with SDK and controller software.

    ViaNav Controller Software enables the user to configure and communicate the device according to specific needs including unmanned system applications.

    Moreover, ViaNavMessaging.dll provided with the systems, enables the users to communicate with the navigation devices without using ViaNav Controller.