ITT Exelis Completes Signal Sentry 1000 Product Integration

May 17, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

An ITT Exelis product that detects and locates GPS interference sources in 3-D by using longitude, latitude and altitude has successfully completed a significant integration milestone.

Signal Sentry 1000, formerly known as GPS Interference, Detection and Geolocation, may now be deployed to collect actionable intelligence for law enforcement, such as tracking high-value targets and protecting critical infrastructure.

Signal Sentry 1000 is a proprietary product that leverages GNSS signal domain knowledge; it is based upon patented technology developed by Exelis through many years of designing and fielding electronic intelligence systems, ITT Exelis said.

“Exelis developed Signal Sentry 1000 to help protect critical infrastructure and to deliver intelligence to law enforcement operations that depend upon GPS availability,” said Kevin Farrell, positioning, navigation and timing general manager for Exelis Geospatial Systems. “Jamming devices can transmit signals capable of disrupting the synchronization of critical infrastructure, such as utility power grids, and timing information of financial transactions. This is why we are continually making improvements in our technology, and the latest milestone achievement is a testament to our goal to deliver actionable interference intelligence to agencies that rely upon GPS operational availability.”

Signal Sentry 1000 technology is a network of threat-detection sensors, which are part of a centralized server executing Exelis‐developed proprietary location algorithms. These sensors can be strategically located around areas of critical infrastructure, such as shipping ports, utilities and government facilities to automatically sense and locate any intentional or unintentional GPS jamming source. Should a threat be detected, users would receive accurate location information and actionable intelligence in order to determine an interference-mitigation plan.

“Signal Sentry 1000 builds upon Exelis expertise in the field of GPS and positioning, navigation and timing. Exelis payloads and payload components have been on board every GPS satellite for nearly 40 years,” said Farrell.  “Today, Exelis is involved in GPS modernization initiatives, building tomorrow’s GPS III satellite constellation by developing and integrating the navigation payloads. Exelis is also providing navigation processing components, precision monitor station receivers, and key components of the system security design for the GPS Operational Control System, also known as OCX.”