Hexagon products expand reality capture options

June 14, 2019  - By
The Leica BLK2GO. (Photo: Hexagon)

The Leica BLK2GO. (Photo: Hexagon)

Hexagon AB has introduced two new additions to its Leica BLK series. The Leica BLK2GO is a small, portable, integrated handheld-imaging scanner, and the Leica BLK247 is a 3D laser-scanning sensor for security surveillance providing continuous, 24/7 situational awareness.

“Extending the BLK series continues Hexagon’s 20-year focus on revolutionising reality capture,” said Ola Rollén, Hexagon president and CEO. “These sensors are not only ground-breaking for their technical capabilities, but also for their practicality. The Leica BLK2GO can be taken anywhere, and the Leica BLK247 never sleeps.”

Leica BLK2GO. The Leica BLK2GO introduces mobility for scanning complex indoor environments. The handheld-imaging laser scanner combines visualisation, lidar, and edge-computing technologies to scan in 3D while in motion, allowing users to be more agile and efficient in capturing objects and spaces.

The BLK2GO has a wide range of applications from adaptive reuse projects in the architecture and design industries to location scouting, pre-visualisation, and VFX workflows for media and entertainment.

The Leica BLK247. (Photo: Hexagon)

The Leica BLK247. (Photo: Hexagon)

Leica BLK247. The Leica BLK247 is designed for continuous 3D reality capture, extending capabilities for safety and security applications. The sensor provides real-time situational awareness through edge computing and LiDAR-enabled change-detection technology.

Using artificial intelligence, the BLK247 can tell the difference between still and moving objects — such as a person walking who leaves a suitcase behind — and identify security threats to provide real-time alerts for both expected and unexpected changes.

The BLK247 greatly enhances situational awareness within restricted or high-security spaces, as it eliminates the need for people to constantly monitor walls of security screens or smart building dashboards.

The Leica BLK2GO and Leica BLK247 are among the many innovative solutions showcased this week at HxGN LIVE 2019, Hexagon’s annual digital technology conference.

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