GPSTrackIt Adds Features to Fleet Manager System

May 7, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

Two new features have been added to GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager vehicle tracking system. Route Optimization evaluates the stops in a route and rearranges them to produce the most efficient ordering of the stops. In addition, fleet managers and dispatchers can now compare a route with the actual vehicle trail recorded by the system.

“Route Optimization has several benefits,” according to Eddie Bermudez, GPSTrackIt’s product manager. “It streamlines the route, which means less time is spent driving around. That saves fuel, which helps you run a greener fleet. It also saves money and improves customer service. Optimizing a route may allow for additional stops to be added.”

While optimizing a route on the system is one thing, it’s another whether the driver actually drove the route assigned. Fleet Manager’s Vehicle Trails feature can map out Ignition On/Off, Travel Start/Stop, and Drive events for a set date and period. The software has been modified with a route selection list and a button that displays the route superimposed over the vehicle trail.

“This enables a dispatcher or fleet manager to compare a driver’s plotted route to their vehicle trail,” Bermudez added. “Managers can determine whether drivers are making unscheduled or unauthorized stops.”

For more information about GPSTrackIt, their new features, or their Fleet Manager vehicle tracking system, visit the website.

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