GPS World advisor honored with ION award

November 6, 2017  - By

Terry Moore

Shortly after GPS World’s 2017 Leadership Awards ceremony during ION GNSS+ week, the Institute of Navigation rolled out its own distinguished panel of award recipients at a conference luncheon.

ION’s Satellite Division presented Terry Moore with the Johannes Kepler Award, its highest honor. It is perhaps a bit of editorial license to call Terry Moore “one of our own,” but he has been an advisor to the magazine for lo, these 17 years or more. During that time his technical papers have formed the basis for several feature articles, and he has guided many of his students and colleagues to authorship in these pages.

Director of the Nottingham Geospatial Institute (NGI) at the University of Nottingham, where he has long served as professor and dean, he is also a consultant and advisor to European and UK government organizations and industry. He did extensive work on the introduction and implementation of WGS 84 as the standard reference system for air and marine navigation, developed software tools for coordinate transformations and map projections, and pioneered the use of raw GPS code- and carrier-phase data from low-cost receivers.

He is the founding director of the GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence, which targets knowledge transfer between the NGI and business. He has a long career of volunteer service for both ION and the Royal Institute of Navigation. In this as in other things he exemplifies the best of the scientific community, or of any community for that matter.

Among his articles for the magazine are “Not Just a Fairy Tale: A Hansel and Gretel Approach to Cooperative Vehicle Positioning,” 2014; “Network RTK for Intelligent Vehicles,” 2013; “Aiding Indoor Pedestrian Navigation with Building Heading,” 2011; “Integrating Computer Vision and Inertial Navigation for Pedestrian Navigation,” 2011; “Assessing Network RTK Wireless Delivery,” 2009; “Ubiquitous Positioning: Anyone, Anything: Anytime, Anywhere,” 2007; and “Simulation GPS in Urban Traffic Environments,” 2005.

I was privileged to serve as in-house editor for many if not all of these articles. A learning experience that could have been more so had I applied myself harder. Story of my life.

Nowhere to be found in the curriculum vitae of this Ph.D. in space geodesy are his performance as Commander Bond in “GNSS Murder, Mystery and Mayhem at the Mansion,” where he drank a mean martini, shaken not stirred, nor his regular appearances as vocalist at the NavtechGPS Open Mic Night, most recently dueting on “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.”

All of us at the magazine join in congratulating Terry on this well-deserved honor!

About the Author: Alan Cameron

Alan Cameron is the former editor-at-large of GPS World magazine.