GPS HUD Windshield Display Helps Drivers Navigate Safely

December 2, 2013  - By

GPS HUD Windshield Display

Sygic has announced a new product to make driving safer. Sygic’s Heads-up-Display (HUD) product projects navigation information onto drivers’ windshields, so they never have to take their eyes off the road to look down at their navigation software.

The product comes at a critical time for the holiday travel and shopping season, which is one of the most auto accident-heavy periods of the year. Sygic’s HUD is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99 and doesn’t need an expensive add-on product, as the projection can be emitted right from the Sygic GPS Navigation app on any iOS and Android phone or tablet.

Using Sygic’s HUD interface is straightforward. Drivers activate the feature from the app’s navigation menu, flip the screen via pop-up menu, and place their phone on their dashboard. The specially optimized interface will then
reflect clearly on the car’s windshield, displaying navigation information without the need for any expensive accessories. Sygic’s HUD feature gives them the full Sygic experience, complete with features like live traffic and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

“As we head into the heavy travel season, we hope our HUD will help drivers stay safe on the roads so they can spend more time with their family and friends and less time driving down heavily-trafficked and dangerous winter road conditions,” said Sygic CEO Michal Štencl.

Features of Sygic GPS Navigation include:
•       Offline maps that don’t require a cellular data connection
•       Turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation
•       3D cities and landscapes
•       Voice guidance in more than 40 languages
•       Multi-stop routes and Drag & Drop route editing
•       Speed limit display and audio warning
•       SOS/Help to find assistance nearby
•       Interactive map – tap on any street, POI, or photo to choose action
•       Robust integration with third party
services like Groupon and TripAdvisor to find
things like deals, restaurants, hotels, attractions and more
•       New speed cameras feature with a
constantly-updated database of stationary and mobile speed traps

Unlike other map services, data in Sygic: GPS
Navigation is stored on the user’s phone instead
of streamed from the Internet, which means that
Sygic users don’t have to worry about running up
against their cellular data caps by using GPS
navigation or getting lost in an area with poor
cell reception. When Sygic’s users are online,
they now have access to other helpful features
like real-time traffic and road incident sharing with other drivers.

Sygic GPS Navigation, now upgraded to version
13.3, is available in the iOS App Store and
Google Play, while the HUD feature can be
purchased from within the app for $4.99.
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