GLONASS Failure Inconsequential to Users, Says Russian Press

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Reports in the semi-official Russian news daily Izvestia indicate that finger-pointing has gotten underway regarding the April 1 GLONASS systemic blackout, which followed two other high-profile disasters, the destruction-upon-launch of three new GLONASS satellites in July 2013, and the Pacific drowning of three other satellites in December 2010.

While we have neither full nor fluent translations from the Russian, we have done the best we can, aided and abetted by Google, with the following passages.

“Temporary GLONASS failure has not led to tangible consequences for consumers of services for the reason that chip manufacturing exclusively GLONASS, the mass market is practically no: there are chips that work only with the signal GPS, and there are those that see both systems GPS and GLONASS.”

Clarification: there are practically no mass-market devices, even in Russia, that use exclusively GLONASS.

“In any case, the failure of the entire system for a long period a serious blow to the image of GLONASS, especially in a situation where Russia has made efforts to promote domestic navigation system to external markets. Plus in 2012, the Russian government officially promised to maintain the characteristics of the international community GLONASS at the proper level for 15 years.

“The following statement was distributed at the XII International Forum ICAO Air Navigation in Montreal by the Head of the non-governmental organization ‘Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies.’ Alexander Gurko believes that now GLONASS is not controlled properly, causing increased risks of such failures.

“There should be a system operator who is responsible for the quality of its operation, development and use, Gurko said. GLONASS still not officially put into operation, although it was promised two years ago and settled in many protocols, the Interagency Working Group. But it is still unclear who is responsible for the general quality of service.

“GLONASS system is not commissioned by the Ministry of Defence and officially still under development.

“Where to users with questions and explanations about the operation or development of the system? Asks questions Gourko. The Defense Ministry, Roscosmos? How are civil user requirements and market trends in the formation positioning system development plans?”

Izvestia further notes that in March of this year, the Russian government cut the GLONASS budget by 16 billion rubles ($450 million). “Signal quality and composition of the orbital constellation sequestration will not affect, say Roscosmos. It is important to reduce not touched the ground part, experts say.”

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