CMT Releases iCMTGIS II App for the Apple iPAD

May 4, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

CMT Release iCMTGIS II App for the Apple iPAD, one of a series of apps the company is presenting to the iPAD and iPhone users in 2012. iCMTGIS II provides a host of powerful and user-friendly functions to facilitate GPS/GIS data collection and mapping for a variety of applications, such as forestry, land management, utility pole data collection, wildlife management and archaeology.


iCMTGIS II functions include:
  • Display the coordinates of a geographic location
  • Create Feature Lists for data collection
  • Create sampling grids
  • Display Google Map as the background map
  • Import and Export Shapefiles
  • Collect multi-layer GPS/GIS data
  • Update the coordinates for Point Features
  • Create new points using angles and distances
  • Digitize points, lines and areas
  • Assign symbols and attributes to Features and Topics
  • View/Edit the collected data
  • View the area of an enclosed region
  • Measure distances on the displayed map
  • Send and receive job files via email
  • Store job data on the Cloud
  • Get and send job data via ftp
iCMTGIS II Version 1.0.0 is available now from the App Store at:

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