Geneq improves GIS and survey field applications

April 5, 2024  - By
Image: Geneq

Image: Geneq

Geneq has introduced SXblue GLOBE for GNSS positioning and GIS technology. The system is designed to deliver positioning accuracy, efficiency and reliability in challenging field conditions using a 448-channel GNSS board. 

It has advanced technologies for multipath mitigation, which aims to reduce the effects of signal reflection and ensure the integrity of positioning service, even in GNSS-challenged environments.  The SXblue GLOBE incorporates an anti-jamming and interference monitoring system, safeguarding against disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operation in any scenario, the company says. 

The system uses global or local coverage of correction services satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS), real-time kinematics (RTK) with an update rate of up to 100Hz. This seeks to provide users with enhanced accuracy and reliability in positioning activities. Sxblue GLOBE features Wi-Fi connection, which allows its parameters to be easily configured via a web user interface. 

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