Concept3D’s night map feature supports campus security

August 9, 2019  - By

A new night map integration feature is available for all Concept3D maps. The toggle-on map overlay is designed to enhance campus safety and security by making it easy to find the best, well-lit routes and critical resources such as emergency phones.

The Concept3D interactive mapping platform is used by hundreds of major universities, colleges and schools, as well as convention centers, hospitals, resorts, retirement communities, data centers and businesses.

The night map feature offers all of these clients a way to provide their audiences with important safety and security information for visiting and navigating the campus at night.

The University of Denver, Boise State University, and Pacific Lutheran University are the first to integrate this feature into their Concept3D-powered interactive campus maps.

The night map of the campus of Boise State University. (Image: Concept3D)

The night map of the campus of Boise State University. (Image: Concept3D)

Boise State University is using the new night map feature to highlight Public Safety Dispatch Centers, Emergency Blue Light and Refugee Phones and locations of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Each item has a display box that further explain the exact location of the service and additional information.

Pacific Lutheran uses the night map to display campus AEDs, emergency telephones, and its safety building.

Colleges and universities that participate in federal Title IV student financial assistance programs must comply with the Clery Act, which requires annual security reporting, details and geographic information about crimes committed on campus and on public areas immediately adjacent to the campus, and timely warnings and emergency notifications, among other requirements.