Chronos Releases Handheld GPS Jamming Detector

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ctl3520-handheldU.K. firm Chronos Technology has released the CTL3520 handheld GPS Jamming Detector and Locator System. Aimed specifically at detecting GPS jammers hidden in vehicles, the unit can pinpoint even the weakest jammer and identify the vehicle in which the jammer is hidden, even in a busy multi-storey car park, Chronos said.  Other applications include detecting vehicles with jammers at ports, fleet depots, airport car parks and taxi ranks.

The CTL3520 device was recently tested by representatives of law enforcement and security agencies in screened rooms at the MIRA test facility in Warwickshire and successfully identified hidden jammers both in vehicles and people’s pockets.

The CTL3520 was developed from research undertaken by the University of Bath and is a significant commercial outcome of the Sentinel research project, which was partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

“Previous jamming detecting products have been unable to identify which vehicle is hosting the jammer,” said Charles Curry, founder and managing director of Chronos Technology Ltd. “This has been a particular limitation and a major challenge for people wishing to protect critical infrastructure if faced with GPS jamming emanating from a nearby vehicle. Most websites currently selling GPS jammers maintain that the operating distance of a jammer is just a few meters. This is simply not true. We have tested GPS jammers in controlled trials and their range is easily 250/300 meters which makes specific vehicle identification extremely difficult, particularly in a multi-storey car park. The CTL3520 solves this problem and can pick out one vehicle in a thousand which has the jammer installed.”

“This product contains advanced technology which is the culmination of more than two-years of research and development at the University of Bath, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) within the Sentinel project. We are delighted that our collaboration with Chronos has led to a commercial product,” said Robert Watson, University of Bath Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department.

In addition to UK users, Chronos is seeking international resellers and distributors to take the product into critical infrastructure protection and law enforcement markets where there is a recogniszd concern about the proliferation of low cost GPS jammers used by criminals to cover their tracks or vehicle drivers for personal privacy purposes.

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  1. simon says:

    We have customers with fleets of 20 to 1000 vehicles – many of them have tried this and it works well for them
    Fleet management services

  2. Dr. Rainer Büchler says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am private and have a temporary demand for detecting an hidden GPS-jammer in my neighborhood. Somebody is jamming my electronical lock (Keymatik, ELV; HomeTec,ABUS) so that I have sometimes difficulties to open or lock my house- door. That nerves.
    Because my demand is only for the time until I have detec- ted the person who is jamming me and I have complained the person to the police, I would prefer to hire your ctl3520 detector for 2-3 weeks. Is this possible and what would be the cost. You could send me a demonstration model. I would be very thankful, if you could help me.

    Best regards
    Dr. R. Büchler

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