CHCNAV launches aerial surveying solution

October 16, 2023  - By


CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has released the AlphaAir 10 (AA10), an advanced aerial surveying solution designed for UAV mapping and photogrammetry.

Leveraging CHCNAV’s lidar technology, the AA10 seamlessly integrates high-precision lidar, accurate GNSS positioning, IMU orientation and an industrial-grade full-frame orthophoto camera. Combined with CHCNAV point cloud and image fusion modeling software, this solution offers an efficient survey-grade approach to 3D data acquisition and processing.

The AlphaAir 10 can detect up to eight target echoes utilizing advanced multi-target capabilities, which greatly enhances its ability to penetrate dense vegetation and acquire precise ground surfaces.

Complementing the solution, the CoPre and CoProcess software suite streamlines post-processing and feature extraction with an easy-to-use and efficient data workflow. High-quality point cloud data is used to create a mesh model, followed by efficient 3D model reconstruction with realistic point cloud colorization using high-resolution image mapping textures.

In addition, the AA10 is IP64-rated, ensuring the system’s ruggedness and providing consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

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