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Canadian Army to Test NovAtel’s GAJT GPS Anti-Jam Antenna

January 24, 2014  - By

NovAtel’s GAJT-700ML anti-jamming antenna.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has selected NovAtel’s GAJT-700ML antenna for testing on Canadian Army armored vehicles. The GAJT-700ML, developed in Calgary at NovAtel’s global headquarters, is a single-unit GPS anti-jam antenna system for land vehicles.

The testing is being conducted through PWGSC’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

NovAtel was selected to participate under the BCIP’s “safety and security” priority area. PWGSC will procure a number of GAJT-700MLs on behalf of the Department of National Defense (DND). The Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR) — with the assistance of the Quality Engineering Test Establishment (QETE) and the Land Force Trials and Evaluation Unit (LFTEU) — will oversee all testing on DND’s behalf.

Field testing, centered on battlefield days, is expected to take place in early March of 2014 at 4th Canadian Division Support Garrison Petawawa. The battlefield days will analyze the performance of GAJT on the Artillery Observation Post Variants (OPV) of the Light Armored Vehicle III (LAV III) in operational conditions to confirm the suitability and robustness of GAJT-700ML for this role. The process is expected to be completed by the end of March.

“NovAtel has worked closely with Canadian and Allied defence agencies to test the resilience of the GAJT-700ML in challenging jamming environments,” said Jason Hamilton, vice president, Marketing and Product Management. “The BCIP program provides an opportunity to expand this testing to incorporate end user soldier feedback on the installation and operational effectiveness of GAJT during battlefield usage of the LAV OPV. This invaluable feedback will be used by NovAtel to further drive product innovation in support of Canada and its Allied partners.”

“The Canadian Army requires accurate, secure and reliable access to Global Positioning Systems to conduct operations throughout the full spectrum of conflict in all potential theatres of operation,” said Colonel Andrew Jayne, Director Land Requirements. “With the ever-increasing demands on the electromagnetic spectrum and threat of harmful interference, technologies which contribute to the assurance of position and timing information are a critical enabler of Army and Canadian Armed Forces operations in today and tomorrow’s operating environment.”

GAJT is a null-forming technology that negates jammers, ensuring the satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available. Three categories of GAJT are manufactured by NovAtel:

  • GAJT-700ML: for use with military land vehicles, networks and timing infrastructure
  • GAJT-700MS: for marine vessels, from small boats to capital ships
  • GAJT-AE: for use with an external antenna in size and weight constrained applications

The BCIP was created by the Government of Canada to strengthen Canadian innovation. The program offers procurement and testing of pre-commercialized products and services, at a late stage of development. The BCIP:

  • Bridges the “pre-commercialization gap”
  • Supports Canadian suppliers by connecting innovators and government users and by testing innovations
  • Provides real-world evaluation of pre-commercial goods and services
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations

2 Comments on "Canadian Army to Test NovAtel’s GAJT GPS Anti-Jam Antenna"

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  1. James A. Lassu says:

    Congratulations to all those who thought of, designed, developed and also worked on this piece of anti-jammer innovation, which will give a tremendous moral boost and help to our troops to complete their missions with a much greater success and less mortality.

  2. R Duda says:

    Dear Folks,

    How do we keep this technology, and specifically the units, out of the hands of terrorists and other “evildoers”?

    Obviously, you don’t want to publish this.

    I shudder to think if terrorists reverse engineer this product for it value in communications, command, control (especially IED’s), and intelligence.

    Are we / will we unwittingly give the enemies of Freedom the Rosetta Stone types of keys to counteract our efforts to interdict / block / intercept their RF traffic?

    Bob Duda
    0430 – 2030 CST
    Please try to call after 0730 (my 2nd cup of coffee)