AvMap Introduces Flight Unit

September 3, 2013  - By

Photo: AvMapAvMap, the Italian manufacturer of GPS since 1994, presents the Ultra EFIS, a stand-alone unit providing air data, attitude, heading and altitude reference for flights.

The AvMap Ultra EFIS is a stand-alone device with a 3.5-inch ultra bright, sunlight readable LCD display. The unit is compact (1.95 inches / 49.5 millimeters installing depth) and ultra-light (5.1 oz / 145 g) compared to other products on the market (around 1 lb 9 oz / 700 g.).

Fitting in a standard 84 millimeters (3.3-inch) panel hole, the AvMap Ultra EFIS can be installed in a panel and be connected to the GPS receiver (included) and to the aircraft Pitot-static system to provide reliable and advanced ADAHRS.

Designed for light-sport, ultra light and experimental aircrafts, the AvMap Ultra EFIS contains solid-state gyros, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, air data sensors and UAV Navigation motion processor, the outcome of more than eight years of motion and flight control experience at UAV Navigation.

“AvMap products range is extending beyond navigation to include more and more avionic tools with the objective to provide a complete AvMap Glass Cockpit system. To this purpose we are selecting the best partners in the market to work with, such as UAV Navigation,” said Simone Lazzarini, CEO at AvMap.

AvMap Ultra EFIS is the second product developed in collaboration with UAV Navigation, after the A2 ADAHRS module launched this April.

AvMap can stand alone or be integrated with EKP V. According to cockpit space availability and navigation needs, users can choose two displays or one device. The Ultra EFIS is the stand-alone solution for panel mounting; otherwise, for those who already own an EKP V, users may consider buying the A2 ADAHRS module to be used together with the cockpit docking station to complete the AvMap EFIS set. The A2 ADAHRS module extends the functionalities of the EKP V Aeronautical Navigator bringing attitude and airspeed to the moving map and converting it into a centralized Glass Cockpit System for both navigation and primary flight display.

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