Anti-jam technology gets smaller with NovAtel system

April 30, 2020  - By
Photo: NovAtel

Photo: NovAtel

Hexagon | NovAtel launched the GAJT-410ML GPS anti-jam system in 2019. The compact design of the new, smaller version of NovAtel’s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) can be rapidly integrated into space-constrained military vehicles (see photo). The system is easy to use while protecting GPS-based navigation and precise timing receivers (including M-code) from intentional jamming and accidental interference, according to NovAtel.

Spoofing, or the ability to give false data to a receiver, is a different challenge from jamming, with potentially even graver consequences. The GAJT portfolio provides protection from both jamming and spoofing to best defend military systems.

Spoofing Detection. As a trusted partner for guidance, navigation and control, NovAtel is developing robust spoofing detection technology that will be available in the company’s product portfolio soon. The additional spoofing information empowers users to make informed decisions about the radio frequency environment they are operating in, alerting them if malicious actors are present. This provides actionable intelligence as part of a layered approach to defend against jamming and spoofing.

NAVWAR Support. NovAtel OEM components and military off-the-shelf items are engineered to deliver precise, assured positioning and timing. Deep GNSS expertise and lean manufacturing capabilities enable the effective delivery of high-performance products in large volumes with minimal production and delivery times. This approach is combined with a high level of support to achieve low product return rates.

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