Webinar to explore signal interference detection and mitigation

January 11, 2017  - By
Image: GPS World

The next GPS World webinar will discuss signal interference in product development and integration, from board-level GNSS receivers to system-level GNSS receivers in different application platforms. Register at no-cost for “Signal Interference: Detection and Mitigation,” which will be held at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m. PST, 7 p.m. CET) on Feb. 2.

As the number of GNSS signals being tracked increases, so does the potential for interference to dismiss the performance gains of using those additional signals. To maximize performance and efficiency, prepared PNT users need their equipment to be able to detect when interference is present and mitigate it.

Developers, integrators and users need mitigation tools to protect and preserve GNSS measurement quality, maintaining high-quality multi-frequency multi-constellation positioning performance even in challenging RF environments. This is essential particularly on the integration journey, especially during prototyping and when encountering unforeseen interference events in field testing, in order to produce fully successful integrated products.

Patrick Casiano of NovAtel’s Applied Technology Group will speak on this topic, and other speakers to be announced. GPS World Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Alan Cameron will moderate.

Casiano has responsibility for NovAtel’s Applied Technology Group with a mandate to test and evaluate the strengths of products, both proprietary and competing, through tests in vertical segment-specific use contexts. He has led the development of unique projects on single-board computing platforms and integration of mobile IP technology for remote monitoring; streamlined recurring test methodology templates; and applied user experience and customer principles to create specific targeted content to customers in particular phases of their product integration.

The one-hour webinar also will include a follow-up Q&A session with the speakers.

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