Virtual Surveyor launches smart UAV survey software

October 6, 2023  - By
Image: Virtual Surveyor

Image: Virtual Surveyor

Virtual Surveyor has added UAV photogrammetry capabilities to its Virtual Surveyor smart UAV surveying software. The new Terrain Creator app photogrammetrically processes UAV images to generate survey-grade terrains which then transfer into the traditional Virtual Surveyor workspace.

The Virtual Surveyor software is now two desk apps in one subscription package, creating a seamless end-to-end UAV survey workflow, said Tom Op‘t Eyndt, Virtual Surveyor’s CEO.

Terrain Creator aims to simplify the aerial photogrammetry process by offering a visual and intuitive application to produce an orthomosaic and digital surface model (DSM) from UAV photos, the company said.

Virtual Surveyor software was originally developed to bridge the gap between UAV photogrammetric processing applications and engineering design packages.

Prior to this new release, users had to rely on third-party software to generate elevation models and an orthomosaic on which they could work with the Virtual Surveyor toolset. Now, users can derive the 3D topographic information necessary for construction, surface mining and excavation projects in one package.

Once the survey-grade terrains flow from the Terrain Creator into the Virtual Surveyor desktop app, users can access an interactive virtual environment and robust toolsets to generate CAD models, create cut-and-fill maps and calculations, or calculate volume reports.

Users currently subscribed to Virtual Surveyor Ridge and Peak editions will see their software updated automatically with Terrain Creator. A flexible licensing setup will allow two users within a subscribing organization to use the Terrain Creator and Virtual Surveyor applications simultaneously from different computers.

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