VADER + Atlas help troubleshoot on the job

July 27, 2017  - By

Hemisphere’s Atlas-enabled Platinum VADER smart antenna.

Plantium, in Santa Fe, Argentina, is a full-service provider of precision agricultural guidance systems to some of Argentina’s largest farming operations.

The company makes its own guidance and control devices, installs them and offers farmers real-time, remote support if required. Plantium uses the Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service as the primary means of providing precise, real-time location corrections to its customers, and their receivers are based on Atlas-ready OEM boards from Hemisphere GNSS.

“We design, manufacture and sell precision agriculture systems,” said Federico Baulies, robotics engineer for Platinum. “As a part of our SBOX7 + DirectDrive + VADER system, Atlas really helps with all of these. Atlas tools give us the ability to diagnose and solve problems in real-time — probably its best feature.”

“As soon as we hear of an issue, from operators or from alarms built into our monitors, we can collect several working variables — such as interference and satellite noise — immediately, from our offices, and diagnose many problems instantly,” Baulies explained.

Argentine farmers benefit from remote problem-solving with the Hemisphere Atlas-enabled Platinum VADER smart antenna.

“That means we do not have to wait for 30 minutes to see if our client will get convergence — we know right away. A lot of that capacity is built right into the Hemisphere OEM boards or from the way the Atlas service is designed.

“These diagnostic tools also help on the customer’s end,” Baulies said. “The Atlas service and Hemisphere’s OEM boards make clear user interfaces possible, and end users are rarely confused about the state of their equipment.”

Once a problem is diagnosed, Plantium engineers can implement fixes quickly, using cellular connectivity.

“We can often diagnose and fix a problem remotely, sometimes in the same phone call,” Baulies said.