GPS anti-jam system successfully tested on DeltaQuad VTOL UAV

June 21, 2022  - By
Photo: Deltaquad

Photo: Deltaquad

DeltaQuad has successfully integrated an advanced GPS anti-jamming system into its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The DeltaQuad drone equipped with the system was flown in autonomous mode close to an active military jamming system.

Even while being hit directly by a military-grade GPS jamming platform, the system maintained a solid GPS lock and the vehicle managed to autonomously resume its mission without interruption.

For testing purposes, a ruggedized GPS-based navigation system was installed with the standard GPS-based navigation system. As the vehicle came in range of the GPS jamming system, the standard solution quickly lost all positional awareness, while the ruggedized system maintained a number of satellite locks, even while flying directly over the jammer at close range.

Test results. (Image: Deltaquad)

Test results. (Image: Deltaquad)

In addition to the ruggedized GPS solution, the DeltaQuad UAV is equipped to maintain live aerial intelligence, even in tough environments. The transmission system on the DeltaQuad uses frequency hopping spread spectrum  (FHSS) techniques to mitigate attempts to disrupt the communication links, and also uses redundant video and communication links.

The DeltaQuad is an industrial-grade vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV that performs fully autonomous surveillance missions. The platform offers a live video stream from a surveillance sensor for real-time reconnaissance missions.

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