Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet upgraded with GNSS navigation

June 7, 2018  - By
A Ukranian MIG-29. (Photo: Ministry of Defense, Ukraine)

A Ukranian MIG-29. (Photo: Ministry of Defense, Ukraine)

Ukrainian Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant is upgrading the country’s MIG-29 fighter jets with domestically developed GNSS-assisted navigation capability, reports

GNSS data will be viewed on a 8-inch, highly informative Cockpit display alongside the map of the terrain being overflown, target data and weapons parameters.

Also being upgraded is the jet’s air-to-ground and surface attack capability, making it a “multi-role” fighter aircraft.

The air-to-ground capability will be achieved through the use of TV-guided missile-bomb weapons of the X-29T and KAB-500KR types. The MiG-29 was originally designed as an air-superiority fighter to provide cover to ground attack planes such as the MiG-21.


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