Tualcom introduces PNT solution

June 26, 2024  - By
Photo: Tualcom

Photo: Tualcom

Tualcom has released TRNAV, a terrestrial navigation solution designed to operate with or without GNSS signals.

TRNAV establishes a mesh network of ground stations capable of operating independently from GNSS by using precise pre-established locations or connecting to GNSS when available. The system maintains location accuracy comparable to GNSS by connecting to at least three ground stations. Its highly synchronized timing system ensures a minimal drift of 10ns over a week without GNSS.

The system features a re-synchronization capability that allows the entire network to be updated instantly when just one station reconnects to a GNSS satellite, maintaining high precision across all platforms. Users can integrate mobile stations to enhance network flexibility and range, with the potential to cover distances up to 250km under ideal conditions.

TRNAV also offers a high-bandwidth communication channel for various data types, which offers extensive communication capabilities within the established network. The system employs AES-256 encryption and advanced waveform technologies, including DSSS/FHSS for robust and secure operations even in challenging environments.

As GNSS integrity and availability face increasing threats, TRNAV provides a reliable and resilient alternative for assured positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). Whether in defense, emergency response, or critical infrastructure, TRNAV’s adaptable architecture offers seamless and secure navigation and communication.

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