TrustPoint launches commercially funded PNT microsatellite

April 21, 2023  - By

On April 15, TrustPoint, an aerospace startup that provides GNSS products and services, launched its first satellite. The satellite, named It’s About Time, enables TrustPoint to demonstrate core technologies as it progresses towards delivering GPS-independent global time and positioning services.

“TrustPoint’s platform is the first commercially funded, purpose-built PNT microsatellite,” Patrick Shannon, CEO of TrustPoint, said. “With this mission, we are expediting the impact of commercial technologies and innovation cycles on the world of timing and navigation, arguably one of the most far reaching and critical satellite services today.”

Maverick Space Systems, a launch services provider and rideshare aggregator, supported the launch of It’s About Time on SpaceX’s Transporter-7 mission out of Vandenberg Space Force base in California. This first mission focuses on testing, calibration and optimization of TrustPoint’s microsat-compatible GNSS payload technology.

After an initial commissioning period, TrustPoint will take control of the satellite and operate it through a series of tests and demonstrations.

TrustPoint aims for its constellation to deliver secure high precision time and positioning services within the next few years. This capability will help fortify existing critical applications and enable the proliferation of nascent use cases in autonomous navigation, national security and smart infrastructure.

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