Trimble advances precision irrigation with uniform application for corner arms

February 10, 2016  - By


Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ now has “uniform corner,” which allows farmers to apply a consistent amount of water on the area covered by a center-pivot corner arm.

The solution prevents over- or under-watering through a uniform application, which can reduce crop stress, promote better nutrient absorption due to reduced run off and leaching, and ultimately improve crop quality and yield. In addition, it enables farmers to optimize water use. This can be beneficial for farmers located in areas with limited water resources or with water restrictions.

Irrigate-IQ uniform corner uses advanced algorithms that enable consistent water application regardless of the position of the corner arm. Whether the corner arm is starting to extend, fully extended, or folding back, Irrigate-IQ uniform corner minimizes the risk of overlaps or gaps in application.

Because it controls each individual nozzle based on the desired application depth and the position of the corner arm, uniform corner provides the highest level of accuracy to achieve maximum uniformity across the entire area covered by the corner arm. In addition, Irrigate-IQ uniform corner works with multiple brands of corner arm equipment.

“Most farmers invest in a corner arm system in order to extend their irrigable land. However, typical systems do not provide consistent watering,” said Neil Douglas, Irrigate-IQ market manager for Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “This means they are not optimizing their water resources, and potentially damaging their crop and reducing yield by over- or under-watering it. Irrigate-IQ uniform corner allows farmers to extend the capabilities of their current corner arm through consistent water application to achieve the greatest return on their investment.”

Farmers can set the field depth and let the corner arm run, or they can add Irrigate-IQ monitor and control so they can remotely manage their whole pivot. For farmers who choose to add monitor and control, they can use the Connected Farm Irrigate app to remotely keep track of pivot status, or to turn their pivot on or off or change its direction.

Irrigate-IQ uniform corner is expected to be available worldwide in the first quarter of 2016.

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