Topcon releases digital farm management tools

September 3, 2019  - By
Topcon Agriculture launched a number of digital farm management tools, including updates to the Topcon Agriculture Platform. (Photo: Topcon)

Topcon Agriculture launched a number of digital farm management tools, including updates to the Topcon Agriculture Platform. (Photo: Topcon)

Topcon Agriculture launched a number of digital farm management tools, including updates to its cloud-based farm management platform, Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP). According to the company, the platform integrates state-of-the-art connectivity, cloud services and data analytics. The package is designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine, implement or technology, Topcon added.

The Topcon Agriculture Platform features a new interface designed to increase productivity and profitability for farmers. It also has the ability to provide data on a number of variables, including yield, soil, fertility, imagery and topography.

“We’ve worked with farmers and institutions while beta testing and are excited to roll the platform out to farmers worldwide,” said Brian Sorbe, vice president of global production solutions for Topcon. “It is the ideal solution for mixed fleets, so farmers can focus solely on decisions and action.

“Additionally, the platform can provide seamless connectivity for sharing information so those supporting the farmers, such as dealers and agronomists, can provide real-time support, recommendations and tasks directly to the cab.”

The company also released yield data management tools, an autosteering tool and a GNSS base receiver. The company’s Smart Cart solution is designed to provide farmers with the capability to gather highly accurate, weight-verified, geo-referenced harvest data that automatically uploads to TAP for visualizing, post processing and yield reporting, the company said.

The other yield monitoring solution released by Topcon is the YM-2 YieldTrakk. This system services crops using conveyor-type harvesters, such as potatoes, sugar beets, grapes, onions and tomatoes.

Topcon debuted the HiPer VR mobile base station to provide the latest GNSS tracking technology and RTK capability in a compact, rugged design to bring satellite guidance and value to any agricultural application, as well.

Finally, the company launched its AGS-2 auto guidance system, which provides autosteering for agricultural machine types and models.

“For increased flexibility and connectivity, the system will leverage the new TAP Cloudlynk connectivity devices for RTK corrections via cellular or radio,” Sorbe said. “A major benefit is the introduction of new TopNET Global signal options and SkyBridge, which will reduce downtime by allowing the system to continue steering due to signal coverage interruption’s when using RTK.”

According to the company, Topcon Agriculture Platform subscriptions and cloud connectivity devices — Cloudlynk — will be available worldwide September 2019.

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