Topcon launches new options for earthmoving projects

March 11, 2020  - By

Tilt rotation support for automatic excavation, bring-your-own device, mobile apps included

Topcon Positioning Group announces advances to its portfolio of machine control solutions that are designed to provide contractors with better performance and profitability in earthmoving applications. The new solutions include tilt rotator functionality for the Automatic Excavator system, mobile and bring your own device (BYOD) display options, and other additions.

Topcon made the announcement at ConExpo, taking place this week in Las Vegas.

Tilt and rotation for Automatic Excavator

Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon

Advanced tilt rotator functionality will allow Automatic Excavator operators to easily swivel or tilt the bucket with automatic boom control for faster and more efficient excavation.

“If excavator operators are in situations such as at the top of the slope, grading a long incline and not totally perpendicularly lined up, positioning the cutting edge of the bucket to the surface is now more easily attainable with the tilt rotator functionality,” said Murray Lodge, senior VP of construction.

“Operators can excavate more quickly, moving the excavator fewer times, with less wear and tear on the chassis — all with the proven hydraulic, automated control the system offers,” Lodge said. “It is also extremely beneficial when navigating around manholes, trenches, and generally tight spaces.

“We have had tilt rotation functionality for a number of years, but in previous systems,” he said. “Now, it will be available for the Automatic Excavator as well. Operators are ready for this tool, and once they see the new capabilities it will bring, they will not want to work without it.”

Bring your own device – MC Mobile

Photo: Topcon

Photo: Topcon

Another resource in the small excavator and compact track loader machine control offering includes bring your own device (BYOD) options that can work as a substitute for control boxes in some applications. This solution incorporates the same hardware for Topcon 3D machine control with an indicate-only option running on Android devices with a free app, Pocket-MC, which is part of the new MC Mobile system family.

“Pocket MC can be downloaded from the Google Store and used right from a phone or tablet either as a simple entry-level machine controller option for contractors who want an inexpensive way to speed up the productivity of their fleet, or as a backup on the job site to a fully featured controller — so, operators are still working, timelines keep moving,” Lodge said.

Pocket MC also allows for a local positioning system (LPS) option for excavation. Now, an LN-150 Layout Navigator total station can be used as an economical alternative to fully featured traditional total stations.

Sitelink3D enhancements

Enhancements also have been made to the Sitelink3D job site monitoring and management system, including a pay-as-you-go point-based service model and a Haul Truck app, giving contractors more visibility into workflow management and the flexibility to use it in the way that best fits their operation.

“These latest releases strengthening the earthmoving portfolio are part of our commitment to continually developing greater connectivity and automation for today’s job site to accelerate efficiency across all aspects of a project,” Lodge said.

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