Taoglas Launches GPS/GLONASS Passive Flexible Loop Antenna

January 30, 2013  - By

Taoglas_passive_antennaTaoglas USA, Inc., provider of antenna solutions to the M2M and connected device market, has launched the FXP.611 Cloud, a GPS/GLONASS flexible loop antenna that the company says outperforms most active patch antennas with an efficiency of 80 percent and a peak gain of 3 dBi across the GPS and GLONASS bands (1575 to 1610Mhz).

This antenna can resist external detuning effects due to dual resonance and has a small form factor of 38 x 37 x 0.1 millimeters. At less than half the cost of heavy active patch antennas, this peel and stick, flexible loop antenna is suitable for any GPS/GLONASS M2M device, Taoglas said.

“We’ve been blown away by the performance of this linear polarized A-GPS¬†GLONASS antenna,” said Dermot O’Shea, director at Taoglas. “Before we developed the FXP.611 Cloud, we had only seen this kind of performance from active patch antennas. We ran a drive test in downtown San Diego and were surprised by the real-time performance and first time to fix from cold-start of this passive loop, particularly in urban canyons where you expect active patches to out perform.”

Original equipment manufacturers will find the FXP.611 suitable for assisted GPS/GLONASS applications for industrial handheld devices, tablets and smartphones. According to Taoglas, the patent-pending FXP.611 Cloud antenna

  • eliminates the need for a filter or low noise amplifier (LNA), and can connect directly to a module or to a connector on a board.
  • offers a “peel and stick” mounting with 3M tape that can be attached to plastic device housings freeing up board space.
  • costs half the price of active patch antennas.
  • incorporates a detuning design with dual resonance.
  • radiates power uniformly with an omnidirectional design, making it suitable for use in devices that have fixed positions.

The FXP.611 Cloud antenna is available for purchase immediately from Taoglas by contacting sales@taoglas.com and online later in the first quarter of 2013 with Taoglas distributors.

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