Tallysman TW5340 Smart Antenna Designed for Urban Canyons

November 6, 2014  - By
A single-feed smart antenna (left) compared to the multipath rejection results of the new TW5340 smart antenna. Photo: Tallysman

A single-feed smart antenna (left) compared to the multipath rejection results of the new TW5340 smart antenna with Accutenna technology. Photo: Tallysman

Tallysman’s new TW5340 smart antenna is designed to pair Tallysman‘s Accutenna technology antenna with STMicroelectronics’ Teseo II receiver. The combination makes the smart antenna accurate for use in all environments, including urban canyons, according to the company.

The TW5340 is a multi-constellation GNSS Smart Antenna that provides simultaneous GPS/GLONASS/SBAS reception. It is designed for use in professional-grade applications such as precision timing, network synchronization, low current applications, and tracking/positioning applications.

To illustrate the advantages of this technology coupling, simultaneous recordings of vehicle position were conducted using two smart antennas — one with and one without Tallysman’s Accutenna technology — in an area of downtown Ottawa, Canada, notorious for high levels of multipath signals. Results show how the high multipath signal rejection capabilities of Tallysman’s Accutenna technology greatly improves accuracy, the company said.

The Tallysman TW5340 smart antenna.

The Tallysman TW5340 smart antenna.

The TW5340 supports STMicroelectronics Autonomous A-GPS, which accelerates GPS positioning by predicting satellite ephemeris data based on previous observations. This results in extremely fast time-to-first-fix. The TW5340 can be configured to output up to three NMEA 0183 message lists with navigation update rates up to 10 Hz. RS232, CMOS, and USB interfaces are available with input voltage options of 3,3V, 5.0V, and 12V. A standby-mode feature provides for very low current consumption (<100uA) and is particularly useful in battery-operated applications.

A standard one pulse-per-second 1PPS synchronized to UTC time is available as a single ended output or as a differential output at RS422 levels.

Tallysman’s Windows-based Configurator enables simple configuration of parameters such a baud rates, output message rates, constellation, tracking parameters, 1 PPS configuration and standby-mode parameters.

The TW5340 is housed in an IP67 housing and is REACH and ROHS compliant. A non-magnetic version is also available as Part Number TW5341.