TAG: Wide Area Augmentation System

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FAA researching Advanced RAIM for GPS + Galileo approaches

January 30, 2023

WAAS makes airports without ground-based navigation available to pilots. (Photo: Raytheon)

Raytheon awarded FAA contract to upgrade WAAS to dual-frequency

September 17, 2022

Image: FAA

NAVSYS’ role in WAAS

October 5, 2020

2013: NovAtel’s WAAS G-II reference receiver. (Photo: NovAtel)

Random recollections of GPS/GNSS

September 9, 2020

Image: GPS World

Horizon realizes benefits of WAAS; Delta lands GLS approach in Dominican Republic

April 24, 2020

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Raytheon upgrades WAAS with GEO 6 payload

November 5, 2019

Image: GPS World

GEO 5 joins WAAS, giving FAA better coverage across US

June 21, 2018

Per Enge, Professor and Director, Stanford university Center for Position Navigation and Time

Per Enge appointed to Satelles board of directors

August 29, 2017