Swarming USVs ready for range of missions

July 31, 2018  - By
Photo: Aquabotix

Photo: Aquabotix

SwarmDivers by Aquabotix are micro swarming unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) capable of diving to 50 meters and swarming in groups of 40 or more.

Multiple SwarmDivers can function simultaneously as a single coordinated entity, be easily controlled via one operator on the surface and perform dives on command to collect valuable intelligence.

Their design delivers rugged reliability and accuracy for applications requiring specialized sensor payloads in defense, oceanography, aquaculture, research and hydrographic survey, the company said. The units also operate collectively to quickly gather data and report back in near real time.

This screenshot from an Aquabotix video shows the swarm returning to base. (Image: Aquabotix)

This screenshot from an Aquabotix video shows the swarm returning to base. (Image: Aquabotix)

The swarming algorithm allows vehicles to communicate with each other to make decisions as a group. This allows SwarmDiver to quickly and accurately self-arrange in various swarm formations as well as dive simultaneously to collect synoptic data sets.

With the ability to be outfitted with customized payloads and sensors, SwarmDiver can meet a wide range of mission profiles, Aquabotix said.

For the defense community, SwarmDiver could provide surf-break-zone operations support, enhanced navigational capabilities, explosive ordnance disposal and mine countermeasures.


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