SpacePNT demonstrates PNT technology in LEO

May 20, 2024  - By
Photo: SpacePNT

Photo: SpacePNT

SpacePNT, a Swiss positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solution provider for the new space satellite market, has completed in-orbit validation tests of its NaviLEO spaceborne GNSS receiver platform. The platform is designed to deliver decimeter-level positioning and nanosecond-level timing accuracy in low-Earth orbit (LEO) and signal reception sensitivity for GTO/GEO/moon missions. Using its unique and proprietary hardware and software technology, it can operate in real time.

After its successful deployment in LEO onboard its hosting orbital transfer vehicle, the D-Orbit ION OTV SCV-011 satellite, on June 13, 2023, Space PNT conducted a series of experiments to validate the key functionalities of the radiation-tolerant technology. This is done by demonstrating multiple modes of operation, including dual-antenna and full-in-flight reprogramming using FPGA image and application software.

Flight models have already been delivered to commercial and institutional partners for these missions, said SpacePNT co-founder and CEO, Cyril Botteron.

The upcoming second-generation hardware platform reuses the same key radiation-tolerant electronics components, designed for telecom constellations. It also implements new functions to serve additional markets such as software-defined radio platforms for telecom and radar applications.

The new space satellite market refers to companies such as SpacePNT, SpaceX and Blue Origin that are developing reusable rockets to drastically reduce the cost of access to space. The growth of satellite technology and new business models, such as satellite-based internet services, have created new opportunities for private companies.

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