Septentrio’s GNSS Heading Receiver Integrates with Tethered Aerostat Systems

August 13, 2013  - By
Raven Aerostar has integrated Septentrio's AsteRX2eH into its tethered aerostat system.

Raven Aerostar has integrated Septentrio’s AsteRX2eH into its tethered aerostat system.

Septentrio announced today that Raven Aerostar, a manufacturer of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) platforms, has successfully integrated Septentrio’s AsteRx2eH, a single-board dual-antenna GPS/GLONASS heading receiver, into its tethered aerostat systems.

Raven Aerostar recently completed a maritime persistent surveillance solution demonstration, deploying a TIF-25K aerostat system aboard the High-Speed Vessel — SWIFT (HSV-2), during which the AsteRx2eH performed remarkably, according to the companies. Integrating the single-board AsteRx2eH dual-antenna receiver to replace a solution based on two separate GNSS receivers allowed Raven Aerostar to achieve a reliable and accurate heading solution while also decreasing deployment time and total cost of GNSS sensors.

The AsteRx2eH provides a compact and low-power solution for precise positioning combined with accurate heading information, produced at a high output rate. The tracking of both GLONASS and GPS satellites allows the receiver to improve the availability and robustness of a solution in challenging environments.

The AsteRx2eH is a globally acclaimed OEM solution with field proven performance for land, marine and aerial applications, Septentrio said. It is used onboard helicopters and aerostats during stabilized flights hovering at low dynamics, where inertial sensors cannot easily provide a drift free solution. Another application is delivering reliable heading information for driverless ground vehicles, even at very low speeds.

“From its user interface to its accuracy and durability, Septentrio’s AsteRx2eH receiver has proven to be an exceptionally stable system,” commented Patrick Lokken, Engineering Technician at Raven Aerostar. “We have integrated the AsteRx2eH into our lighter-than-air applications in multiple environments including desert and maritime, and have yet to see it falter.”

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  1. JJM says:

    All this did was Name Drop. Accuracies? Size?

  2. LLT says:

    Dear JJM,

    Specs of the AsteRx2eH (accuracies, size and more…) are available here:

    Please let us know how can we help further. A2eH boards are available for immediate shipment.

    Laurent Le Thuaut
    Business Development Manager at Septentrio NV