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Betz-book-coverEngineering Satellite-Based Navigation and Timing: Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Signals, and Receivers

John W. Betz

ISBN: 978-1-118-61597-3; 672 pages

December 2015, Wiley-IEEE Press

Hardcover print or ebook available

A new book by a recognized authority in signal design and processing, structured as a textbook for an upper-level undergraduate course or a graduate course in satnav engineering, will also admirably serve anyone seeking to enhance his or her skills in satnav engineering, or as a reference and indicator of future paths for a practicing satnav engineer.

Author John Betz contributed to the international interoperability and compatibility efforts leading to the design of the GPS L1C civil signal. His binary offset carrier (BOC) technique is used for the GPS M-code signal, and has been adopted by satellite navigation systems developed by Russia, Europe, China, Japan and India.

He played an active role in the United States/European Union negotiations that established compatibility and interoperability between GPS and Galileo. More recently, he provided critical analysis related to GPS modernization, recommending affordable enhancements to address increasing threats and to shape the architecture of military GPS for decades to come.

The book comprises four large sections:

  • System and Signal Engineering. Describes principles and practices, including the basic calculations that describe system operation and performance: link budgets, signal-to-noise ratios, and error sources.
  • System Descriptions. All active or nascent global, regional and satellite-based augmentation systems, with detailed yet succinct signal characteristics.
  • Receiver Processing. Essential aspects of receiver design and means of evaluating performance from front end through tracking loops to position calculation.
  • Specialized Topics. Modern and future signal use increasingly involve more advanced techniques and capabilities to attain next level(s) of performance and enable ever-advancing applications. Interference, multipath, augmentations using differential satnav, assisted satnav, integrated receiver processing, and an appendix on theoretical foundations.

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