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Russia Turns IGS Data Back on — Sort of

June 5, 2014  - By
Image: GPS World

On June 2, GPS World reported that GPS tracking stations co-sponsored by U.S. interests but located in Russia had stopped making their data available to scientists and others.

Now, “It looks like the tap has been turned back on, at least at slow flow,” reports Richard Langley, GPS World Innovation editor and University of New Brunswick professor. “Hourly and daily data files from the affected stations are once again being sent to IGS data archive centres. Grigory Steblov of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences has reported that ‘the transmission of the data from NEDA [North Eurasian Deformation Array] GPS sites [had] been temporarily suspended due to technical reasons.’

Now, after reorganization, the data flow is being resumed on hourly basis.”

Langley stresses, however, that the real-time flow of data from the NEDA stations has not been turned back on, which is important for some applications.

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