Russia to Increase Number of Space Service Centers to 25

April 25, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

The number of Russian centers providing services based on data received via GLONASS satellites will reach 25, Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov said  Tuesday, according to a RIA Novosti report. The space service centers are engaged in satellite monitoring of traffic safety, road planning and cargo transportation on federal highways as well as natural dangers such as landslides, avalanches, and mud flows.

“Ten space service centers have already been established in Russia, the establishment of another 15 is planned,” Surkov said at a satellite navigation forum in Moscow. So far, there are centers in Moscow, Sochi, Kazan, Kaluga, Ryazan and five more Russian cities.

Russia has 31 GLONASS satellites in orbit, with 24 operating to provide global coverage, four in reserve, two under maintenance, and one undergoing trials. According to Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, two Glonass satellites are under maintenance, one is on standby, and one recently launched satellite is being integrated into the grouping. The complete Glonass grouping needs 24 functioning and 2-3 reserve satellites to operate with global coverage.

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