Point One Navigation joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program

October 26, 2023  - By
Image: Point One Navigation

Image: Point One Navigation

Point One Navigation has joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program. The program aims to deliver reliable navigation and positioning solutions to a diverse spectrum of ST customers in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Because of Point One’s navigation software and real-time kinematic (RTK) network, developers using ST Teseo GNSS solutions now have a more efficient path to create precise navigation solutions in industries such as agriculture, construction, last-mile delivery, and autonomous vehicles.

Point One’s Polaris Cloud is a GNSS correction network that enables GPS based localization, while allowing users to choose the performance and price point that best fits their application. With coverage across the U.S. and most of Western Europe, Polaris Cloud provides a readily available solution for precise localization.

FusionEngine software, developed by Point One, further enhances precision navigation by integrating additional sensors like IMUs and wheel speed sensors. This allows users to achieve a desired level of accuracy, even in situations where satellite signals are absent or in challenging urban environments. The software also offers automatic calibration, fault detection and compatibility with a range of host processors.