Placecast Unveils PlaceAd Mobile Advertising Platform

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placecast_logoPlacecast has launched PlaceAd to enable media buyers to target and reach mobile audiences based on their location. In addition to location, advertisers can target and optimize messaging across criteria including age, gender, interests, device type and operating system, time of day, and weather.

PlaceAd is a demand-side platform (DSP) built to maximize the value of location-based inventory on mobile. PlaceAd’s programmatic buying tools, analytics and included dynamic rich media engine are optimized for location-based campaigns. Placecast’s decision engine automatically optimizes campaign performance.  PlaceAd can manage geotargeted campaigns based on the quality of the location data across billions of impressions with integrated reporting and store-level analytics.

Placecast is also announcing partnerships with some of the largest ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs), including MoPub, PubMatic, and Smaato. With these key partnerships in place, Placecast can provide substantial reach for brands across thousands of mobile publishers and billions of monthly impressions.

“Mobile advertising, location and real-time bidding are the key ways to reach consumers today, and ad agencies can’t get enough of them,” says Karsten Weide of IDC. “PlaceAd is hitting a sweet-spot in the advertiser market and provides a timely solution for the pain points in reaching mobile audiences locally.”

Besides access to many different sources of ad inventory, media buyers also get comprehensive location-based reporting down to the most granular level, including heatmaps that provide a visual illustration of the intensity of impressions and engagement by targeted locations.

Key features of PlaceAd include:

  • Reach across thousands of safe mobile publishers for location-based mobile display inventory: Via partnerships with MoPub, PubMatic, and Smaato
  • Transparency on publishers where campaigns run
  • Real-time bidding: The ability to price and deliver on a per-impression basis in real-time; IAB OpenRTB 2.1 spec compliant
  • Machine Learning and Optimization: Placecast’s decision engine optimizes campaign performance based on activity across placements and publishers to maximize performance.
  • Dynamic Creative: Clients can change elements in the ad based on location, time of day, or other info on the consumer
  • Store-level analytics and reporting: Consolidated campaign reporting shows deliveries, clicks, and other actions across different inventory down to the individual store location. Heatmaps can be used to see campaign activity near targeted areas.
  • Geotargeting using both proximity geofencing and metro-level data.
  • Audience targeting though a number of methods:
    • Contextual targeting based on content
    • Place profiles
    • Third-party audience data
  • Third-Party Ad Serving Support: Agencies can track their campaign data in DoubleClick for Advertisers or Atlas

“PlaceAd is the latest addition in our toolset that makes it easier for advertisers and agencies to buy location-based mobile campaigns,” said Alistair Goodman of Placecast. “This new offering combines years of geofence marketing expertise with great tools and analytics that together reduce the friction in buying location-based mobile advertising campaigns at scale.”

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