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PCTEL to Showcase Antenna Products at MILCOM 2013

November 18, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

PCTEL, Inc. will display its GPS, GNSS, mobile, and infrastructure communication antennas at the 2013 MILCOM Military Communications Conference. MILCOM is being held in the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, November 18-20.

PCTEL Connected Solutions provides advanced military antenna designs. Its high-precision, ruggedized antennas enable reliable communications, timing, and location services in the field, while its site solutions products aid deployments of communications equipment for outdoor and indoor applications, the company said.

PCTEL’s precision GPS and GNSS antennas are used for munitions guidance, aviation, marine, tactical radio manpack, vehicle tracking, soldier, and asset tracking. Recently, PCTEL expanded its GNSS antenna line to include the GPS-LB12GL-MAG, a multiband GPS L1/2, L-Band, and GLONASS antenna. At MILCOM, PCTEL will be showcasing the GPS-L1L2-28MAG, a GPS L1/L2 antenna that has been approved for DAGR (Defense Advanced GPS Receiver) applications. Both of these antennas can be used as soldier-worn asset trackers, military vehicle trackers, and other military tracking applications.

Reliable communications are critical to any field operation. PCTEL’s ruggedized, high performance antennas have been deployed and qualified for tactical mesh networking, which enables complex field communications. PCTEL designs both SISO and MIMO antennas that cover the NATO IV band, also known as the 4.4 GHz C band. For mesh networking and many other mission critical communications systems, accurate GPS timing information is essential. PCTEL has designed the GPS-TMG-HR-26N GPS timing antenna with high out-of-band rejection for reliable communications in high-interference environments.

In addition to its high-performance antennas, PCTEL provides site solutions that enable indoor and outdoor deployments of communications systems for public safety and defense applications, including enclosure systems, coaxial cable assemblies, fiber jumpers, lightning protection, and mobile towers.

“PCTEL designs products that users can count on to help deliver wireless solutions when it matters–and no situation matters more than military field operations,” said Jeff Miller, president of PCTEL Connected Solutions. “We continue to work closely with our customers to expand our portfolio of GPS, GNSS, and communications antennas and site solutions that address emerging needs,” added Miller.

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