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Optical Zonu Fiber Optic GPS Signal Distribution System

June 11, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

The GPS Fiber Optic Distribution system from Optical Zonu connects up to 32 remote locations, transporting GPS signals from a single antenna to as many as 32 GPS receivers (or multiple antennas to multiple receivers). A common example of this application is a campus scenario where installing multiple GPS antennas is impractical. This particular system consists of the OZC JSeries 5Slot modular 1U chassis. The Master Unit is located within close proximity of the GPS antenna and it contains modular and hotswappable fiber optic transmitter, AC power supply and J Optical Splitter cards. The remote unit is a standalone (wall mountable) unit. It comes in a low profile semirugged package. A single 1U chassis at the master site is capable of supporting up to 32 remote locations.

The optical transmitter module has builtin LNA for high sensitivity detection of low level GPS signals. The Master Unit also has a BiasT to provide DC power to the GPS Antenna. Local monitoring is also integrated into the Master Unit, which is accessible via a single computer interface terminal. The maximum RF input signal into the transmitter is 25 dBm and the RF interface is via a 50 Ohms SMA connector. The standard optical connector is SC/APC (FC/APC is also available upon request) for low back reflection applications. The system is designed to operate on single mode fiber but may be custom configured to work on multimode fiber. The system is configured for complete dual redundancy, including additional fiber optic Tx module for a second GPS antenna.

Download the brochure and get more images and specs for the Optical Zonu Fiber Optic GPS Signal Distribution System.