Next-generation of grade control integrates 3D automatics

March 3, 2017  - By

(Photo: Trimble)

Trimble is offering Trimble Earthworks for Excavators and Earthworks for Dozers. Trimble Earthworks is transforming machine control with integrated 3D aftermarket excavator automatics capability.

In addition, a new dozer configuration moves the receivers from the blade to the roof of the cab. Reengineered from the ground up, Trimble’s innovative, next generation grade control platform features intuitive, easy-to-learn software that runs on an Android operating system.

State-of-the-art software and hardware gives operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before, Trimble said.

“Trimble pioneered machine control,” said Scott Crozier, director of marketing for Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction. “Now, Trimble Earthworks takes machine control to the next level, with a platform that reinvents machine control technology, making it easy to use and learn, and more accessible for many different types of contractors.”

Live demonstrations of Trimble Earthworks for Excavators and Trimble Earthworks for Dozers will be showcased at ConExpo 2017, March 1-7, one of the world’s largest international exhibitions for the construction industry. Trimble will be located in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall #N-12067.

Intuitive Software. The Trimble Earthworks grade control application is built on the Android operating system, and runs on the new 10-inch (25.7 centimeter) Trimble TD520 touch-screen display. The Earthworks application was developed based on feedback from construction equipment operators around the world, resulting in an interface optimized for productivity.

Colorful graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-discovery features make the software intuitive and easy to learn. Each operator can personalize the interface to match their workflow and a variety of configurable views make it easier to see the right perspective for maximum productivity.

In addition, Earthworks allows data files to be transferred to or from the office wirelessly and automatically so that the operator is always using the latest design. Using the Android operating system, users can download other applications that provide the operator with additional useful tools inside the cab. To make the system even more flexible, contractors can use the Trimble TD520 display or a third-party Android device.

Excavator Automatics. With Trimble Earthworks, contractors can now take advantage of the first integrated 3D aftermarket grade control automatics for excavators, allowing operators to create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces more easily.

When the excavator is placed in Autos mode, the operator controls the stick, and Trimble Earthworks controls the boom and bucket to stay on grade, reduce overcut and increase production. By automating excavator operation, Trimble Earthworks allows operators to achieve grade consistently, with high accuracy and in less time.

Mastless Dozer Configuration. Trimble Earthworks for Dozers mounts dual GNSS receivers on top of the cab to eliminate masts and cables traditionally located on the blade. The dual-GNSS receivers are ideal for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances. The new configuration keeps valuable receivers safer and can also save contractors time by reducing the time needed to remove and reinstall them each day.

Trimble Earthworks for Excavators is expected to be available globally in the second quarter of 2017 from the SITECH dealer channel. Trimble Earthworks for Dozers is expected to be available in the second half of 2017 from the SITECH dealer channel.

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