New HxGN Connect enables seamless, citywide collaboration

June 8, 2021  - By

Hexagon AB has launched HxGN Connect, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) workspace for citywide collaboration enabling government agencies and other organizations to share data and coordinate action for ad-hoc, routine and emergency situations.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, HxGN Connect provides a networked workspace and unified view of information within and between entities. Participants can actively collaborate and securely share data as events unfold, overcoming technical and political barriers that result in missed opportunities, conflicting actions, errors and delays.

With HxGN Connect, organizations can move beyond basic cooperation to true collaboration, where all participants gain mutual value. HxGN Connect is easily implemented and scaled — whether between multiple departments in a single agency or multiple organizations across cities and regions.

“The future of smart cities lies in connected data communities that enable users to work with people and information irrespective of organizational and geographical affiliations or technology limitations,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “HxGN Connect reimagines collaboration, breaking down barriers and bridging gaps between vertical sectors, organizational types and operational functions, which means safer cities, more effective services and happier residents.”

HxGN Connect brings a city’s public safety, transportation, utilities and other related organizations together seamlessly. While users can visualize people, places and activities, and send messages and assign tasks to each other, all participants retain full ownership and control of their own data (nothing is stored in a central repository).

The HxGN Connect dashboard. (Screenshot: Hexagon AG)

The HxGN Connect dashboard. (Screenshot: Hexagon AG)

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