MapSmart app hits the field

May 24, 2017  - By
Image: GPS World

Laser Technology’s MapSmart app for Android is a tool for expert field data collection without complicated equipment, the company said.

The software is designed for quick and accurate mapping of anything, including stockpile volumes, with or without GPS coordinates for every data point.

The survey-quality mapping app, using the smart device’s internal GPS or the user’s own external GPS, integrates with LTI TruPulse lasers and enables users to establish an origin and begin capturing field data in minutes.


  • offers four mapping methods to accommodate user preferences
  • provides an intuitive interface with icons and buttons
  • organizes and classifies data to ease the process of decrypting field measurements in the office
  • enables real-time addition of height and missing line values to mapped features
  • delivers advanced image capabilities, including tablet photo association with data points and TruPoint 300 image integration
  • supports a variety of report formats and wireless data transfer.

The smart features and remote-fire capabilities are especially useful for stockpiles, where users can measure and calculate the volume and tonnage of any material from a safe location.