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MachineryGuide Offers Smartphone Guidance for Agriculture

May 28, 2015  - By
The MachineryGuide package with antenna, receiver and guidance software.

The MachineryGuide package with antenna, receiver and guidance software.

MachineryGuide is a new GPS guidance system for Android that gives farmers the ability to use their smartphones for precision guidance.

With the help of MachineryGuide, the cultivated area and overlaps can be displayed. The guidance application helps farmers in edging along the ideal track by gearing to straight reference lines.

With the application and an antenna from MachineryGuide, farmers can have a simple precision guidance application to improve yield growth, increasing efficiency. Also, fertilizer and pesticide use can be optimized, while machine costs and work hours can be lowered by up to 10 percent, the app designers said.

The application is aimed at managers of small- and medium-sized farms and can be used on a smartphone or tablet. A demo can be downloaded from GooglePlay — the free version can not connect to a real GPS device, but all the functions of the program can be tested.

MachineryGuide sells the software separately; a GNSS receiver + antenna separately; and a package bundle that includes software, GNSS receiver and antenna. The antenna is capable of receiving and processing free corrections (EGNOS, WAAS).

MachineryGuide has been listed among the top 5 farming apps according to Agrivi. Also, Croplife considers MachineryGuide one of the 10 best agricultural apps of 2015.

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