Luggage that uses GPS to follow you

February 14, 2019  - By

Chinese company Forward X Robotics showed off its Ovis luggage at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

Ovis uses cameras for facial recognition and a movement tracking algorithm to lock in on its owner and stick with her or him at a speed of six miles per hour. Ovis is able to avoid collisions as it makes its way through crowds, according to its maker, which is now producing the suitcase after an IndieGoGo campaign.

Image: Forward X Robotics

Image: Forward X Robotics

The Ovis suitcase comes with a smart wristband that sounds and vibrates if the case gets more than six feet away. Its embedded GPS provides real-time monitoring and tracking via smartphone; the location tracker is in an uncuttable luggage tag.

Similar following suitcases include 90Fun’s Puppy 1, which uses remote control to follow, and the Travelmate Robotics, which provides a removable GPS chip to enable tracking of the bag or anything else of value.