KCS offers low-cost TraceME tracking module

December 8, 2015  - By

Photo: KCS

KCS BV has extended its TraceME product line with a low-budget track-and-trace module based on LoRa technology.

The TM-900/N1C1 is a variant of the TraceME GPS track-and-trace product line targeted for tracking and tracing a variety of objects, including livestock, and for personal use.

The full version module is equipped with different technologies for traceability — such as GPS, LoRa, Bluetooth LE, ANT/ANT+ and proprietary RF — which can be combined depending on the application. Traditional national telecom costs are eliminated because of the absence of GPRS/SMS.

Applications include:

  • Object protection, up to 10 years of standby on a single lithium AAA-battery.
  • Logistics, M2M.
  • Animal tracking, asset monitoring.
  • Security and surveillance.
  • Remote control and diagnostics.
  • Anti-theft.

The combined LoRa and 2.4 GHz. RF technologies offer tracing over a wide area up to 10 km. The rough tracing from 10 km down to 300 meters is done by LoRa, while the short-range tracing is done by the proprietary RF-technique, which offers excellent indoor and outdoor tracing with an accuracy up to 1.5 meters.

Unique features include its small size at 49.6 by 15 by 7.5 millimeters, its weight at 3.4 grams and a standby battery lifespan of more than 10 years. Temperature, humidity and acceleration sensors — as well as solar power functionality — enable the integration of TraceME into a variety of custom specific machine-to-machine applications.

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