ISGNSS 2013 Issues Call for Papers

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The International Symposium on GNSS 2013 (ISGNSS 2013) will be held in Istanbul from October 22 to 25 at Congress Center in Yildiz Technical University of Istanbul. It is being organized by Bulent Ecevit University of Zonguldak, Yildiz Technical University of Istanbul and Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers. The symposium has been organized since 1999 by the International Program Committee of International Symposium on GPS/GNSS.

The theme of ISGNSS 2013 is “Connecting Continents through GNSS where Europe and Asia Meet.” As for all the past symposiums on GNSS, this symposium will provide opportunities to connect scientists, researchers and professional all around the world, as Istanbul connects the continents.

Organizers invite presenters to submit abstracts and papers until July 21. Paper topics include those listed below, or any other related topic.

  • GNSS Current Status, Organizational and Governance Issues
  • Regional Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Atmospheric Effects on GNSS
  • GNSS Augmentation Systems
  • GNSS-Related Remote Sensing and GIS
  • GNSS Policy, Services and Opportunities
  • CORS
  • Surveying, Mapping and Geodesy
  • Indoor Positioning
  • GNSS Receivers, Antenna, Algorithms and Products
  • Signal Processing, Interference, Multipath
  • Land applications and Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Aviation, Marine and Space Applications
  • Inertial Navigation
  • Sensor Networks
  • Precise Point Positioning
  • RTK and e-GNSS
  • LBS and Telematics
  • Alternatives and Backup to GNSS
  • Timing and Scientific Applications
  • Engineering applications
  • Multisensor Fusion
  • International GNSS Applications and Developments
  • Agriculture, Mining and Rural Industries
  • Consumer and Urban Applications
  • Machine Automation and Control

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