International GNSS summer school goes to Norway

January 5, 2017  - By

The University of the Bundeswehr Muenchen and the Norwegian Space Centre are organizing the International Summer School on Global Satellite Navigation Systems 2017.


Longyearbyen, Norway.

This year the Summer School will be held at Longyearbyen, Svalbard – Spitsbergen, Norway, Sept. 4-15. Lectures start the morning of Sept. 5 and end Sept. 14 following dinner.

The Summer School is open to graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, early-state researcher and young professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge.

Svalbard is an Arctic wilderness series of islands comprising the northernmost part of the Norwegian territories. It is mostly uninhabited, with only about 3,000 people. Longyearbyen, however, is a living community with an airport, a university, a hospital, schools, shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, and the world’s largest commercial ground station.

The summer school will provide key information, fresh ideas, basics, innovative approaches and practical advice on such topics as:

  • Basics of satellite navigation
  • Ionospheric and tropospheric effects on GNSS
  • Carrier-phase positioning
  • GNSS RF link performance
  • GNSS signals
  • GNSS receivers
  • Leadership and team effectiveness
  • GNSS threats and countermeasures
  • Navigation in GNSS denied environments
  • Cyber safety for civilian navigation
  • Become a GNSS entrepreneur
  • Location data and raw measurements in Android
  • IPR and patents in GNSS
  • Liability issues in GNSS
  • Railway high-integrity navigation overlay system (RHINOS)
  • Multi-frequency multi-system GNSS
  • Evolution of GNSS, in particular of the Galileo system
  • Satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) and receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM, ARAIM)
  • ECSS standards (phases, reviews, documentation, etc.)
  • GNSS space service volume and deep space navigation

The summer school will be held in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the Joint Research Centre, as well as, ISAE Supaero, Stanford University and TU Graz.

Learn more at the school website.

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