Hexagon offers intelligent cultivation management for agriculture

April 30, 2018  - By
Image: GPS World

Hexagon, a global provider of information technology solutions, has launched HxGN AgrOn Production, an integrated cultivation management solution that empowers customers to optimize resource efficiency, increase yield, reduce inputs and ensure quality.

The solution is comprised of software and hardware solutions that optimize and automate entire crop cycles from planning to cultivation.

Hexagon officially revealed HxGN AgrOn Production today at Agrishow, one of the world’s largest agricultural technology fairs in the world taking place in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

“Real-time information is the key to efficient field management. HxGN AgrOn Production brings immediate benefits to agricultural and forestry companies — providing instant control of all stages of the cultivation process and enabling resource optimisation and efficiency,” said Ola Rollén, president and CEO of Hexagon.

According to the company, the solution will enable Hexagon’s customers to achieve a smarter cultivation by connecting, synchronizing and optimizing workflows, teams and information while reducing operating costs.

HxGN AgrOn Production addresses resource management challenges of enterprise farms and is a future-proof investment in information technology innovations that are enabling the smart digital reality in agriculture.