Hemisphere GNSS launches smart antenna, machine control software

March 7, 2017  - By

Hemisphere GNSS has launched three new products:

  • The Vector VR500 rugged all-in-one smart antenna
  • GradeMetrix software for machine control and guidance applications
  • The IronOne rugged display and computer

Hemisphere GNSS made the announcements at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, being held this week in Las Vegas. Hemisphere GNSS is exhibiting at booth G71925.

Vector VR500 Smart Antenna

The Hemisphere GNSS VR500 smart antenna.

The Hemisphere GNSS VR500 smart antenna. Photo: Hemisphere

The Vector VR500 is designed specifically for harsh machine control environments, the multi-frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna offers precise heading, RTK positioning, and easy installation. VR500 adds another system component and empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

“The Vector VR500 is our all-in-one smart antenna OEM entry into the machine control market,” said Jennifer Keenan, product manager at Hemisphere. “The receiver is designed from the ground up, specifically for rugged machine control environments and offers a feature- and performance-rich combination of Athena RTK engine, Atlas L-band corrections, heading accuracy up to 0.2 degrees, integrated UHF radio, updates up to 50Hz, and excellent connectivity.”

VR500 excels in the toughest machine control environments, meeting stringent IP ingress and MIL-STD202G shock and vibration requirements. A fully scalable solution, the VR500 tracks GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, and IRNSS, and is also Atlas L-band and SBAS capable.

Designed for ease-of-installation, the all-in-one unit connects with just one cable supporting unprecedented integration of CANbus and UHF RTK radio with position and heading messages. The powerful and easy-to-use webUI allows the user to control, manage, and upgrade firmware and activations using Wi-Fi. VR500 offers a robust set of connectivity options allowing corrections to be received via radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Serial.

Powered by Athena GNSS engine, VR500 provides centimeter-level RTK. Athena excels in virtually every environment where high-accuracy GNSS receivers can be used. Tested and proven, Athena performs with long baselines, in open-sky environments, under heavy canopy, and in geographic locations experiencing significant scintillation.

Integrated L-band adds support for Atlas GNSS global corrections for meter to sub-decimeter level accuracy while new Tracer technology helps maintain position during correction signal outages. VR500 also uses Hemisphere’s aRTK technology, powered by Atlas. This feature allows the receiver to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. If the VR500 is Atlas-subscribed, it will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.

GradeMetrix Software

GradeMetrix is next-generation, core software (optional Windows 10 and Android) designed to empower heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own branded machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

Hemisphere GNSS' IronOne tablet running GradeMetrix software.

Hemisphere GNSS’ IronOne tablet running GradeMetrix software. Photo: Hemisphere

Heavy equipment manufacturers, in large part, have had to rely on after-market systems to provide their machine control positioning technology. After-market systems also compete with OEMs creating a lack of brand identity, customizable solutions and integration tools, all of which are essential to facilitating superior system performance, the company said.

“For the first time in our industry, Hemisphere is announcing an OEM toolkit that includes GradeMetrix software for developing and delivering scalable machine control systems,” said Randy Noland, vice president of global sales and marketing with Hemisphere.

“These new products and design services empower OEM customers with unprecedented flexibility and price points for designing, complementing, and delivering their own scalable solutions,” Noland added. “GradeMetrix is the catalyst for delivering a new generation of positioning systems by removing multiple barriers to higher adoption, especially to smaller machines and markets.”

IronOne Display and Computer

The IronOne Rugged Display and Computer is purpose-built for harsh machine control environments, meeting IP67-standard certification and using an 8-inch sunlight-readable LCD display. IronOne adds another system component and empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

“IronOne is a rugged display that can easily be adapted to any customer’s requirements,” said Matt Steele, product manager at Hemisphere. “With an IP67 rating, high-end processor, and top-of-the-line embedded Windows 10 operating system, IronOne will withstand and exceed expectations in some of the most challenging environments in the machine control landscape.”

Connectivity features on the IronOne include Ethernet, CANbus, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and offers optional cellular modem for maximum connectivity in the field. The easy-to-read 8-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touchscreen display is ideal while inside heavy machinery where different viewing angles are required.

IronOne is agnostic and can support site-specific management tools or grading-specific software that requires high-processing speeds and fast update rates. The computer contains an Intel Atom dual-core processor designed for heavy processing requirements. With expandable memory and industry standard connectivity, the IronOne provides a customizable solution.

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