Spectratime Atomic Clocks Selected for Eight Galileo Satellites

June 18, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

Spectratime, a provider of atomic clocks and a business of the Orolia Group, has announced it has been selected to provide the Rubidium atomic clocks and passive hydrogen masers for eight satellites for Europe’s Galileo GNSS. Spectratime expects this Authorization to Proceed will lead to a final contract for the manufacture of these two types of high precision clocks, estimated at 14 million euros, by summer 2012.

“This new authorization to proceed, just a year after the signing contracts totaling nearly 20 million euros for the supply of the clocks for the first 14 operational satellites for the Galileo satellite navigation system, confirms Spectratime’s position as a world leading supplier of space atomic clocks,” said Jean-Yves Courtois, CEO of the group. “Each satellite carries on board two rubidium atomic clocks and a passive hydrogen maser, the most stable type of atomic clock in the world. In a few years, after the execution of the contract, which will be implemented in partnership with Astrium and Selex Galileo, we will have the most currently active atomic clocks in space, including 72 for the Galileo system alone.”

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