DataAppeal Announced Update to 3D GIS Data Visualization Tool

June 13, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

DataAppeal announced an update to its web-based GIS data visualization software. The new functionality allows users the option of layering multiple maps to compare them and also a new color gradient feature to quickly see common data points.

Areas of Economic Activity in London, England (Source: DataAppeal)
Free vs. Fee-base Wifi Hotspots in New York City (Source: DataAppeal)
Vehicle Collisions in Toronto, Canada (Source: DataAppeal)
According to the announcement, DataAppeal¬†provides an alternative to complex and boring data visualization and mapping tools through an easy to use, web-based GIS application, offering research-based, visually appealing, three dimensional and animated maps and graphics. The display of data is manipulated through art and design concepts, to increase interest in user-created products, creating greater knowledge transfer between users, quicker decision support, and most importantly a decentralized model of data analytics. DataAppeal originated from research work on artistic ¬†and creative ways to visualize the “invisibles” of a city through data, art and creativity mapping.
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